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Gift Basket Cellophane Wrap

We offer a clear cellophane wrap mothers day gift basket for your mother who is special to you. The wrap is made of 100% cotton and has a green and blue cellophane wrap. This gift basket is a great way to give her a special gift and show her that you love her.

Gift Basket Cellophane Wrap Walmart

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Gift Basket Cellophane Wrap Amazon

This gift basket wrap is a great way to make a special gift for someone else and make sure they are aware of the season. The cellophane wrap has a green and black color scheme and is made of 100% wool wrap. this gift basket cellophane wrap is a perfect way to protect your gift baskets from damage and make them final cover for them. This wrap is made of high quality pvc plastic with a clear cellophane that makes it easy to see what is inside. It is 10pack and features the pattern of a gift basket. this clear basket bag is perfect for gift wrap or just to put away your gift! It is a shame that these bags are not available in clear too, so this is a fun alternative. It works well as a shrink wrap as well and is also suitable for gift cards. this gift basket has a lot of funideshow-style pictures of different wrap around a cellophane wrap with a shimmery colorway. The gift basket also includes 10 rolls of cellophane wrap with different patterns and colors. This gift basket is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your packaging.