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Keurig K Cups Gift Baskets

Introducing the k-cup sampler packs! These delicious coffee k-cups come in two sizes - a small and a large. They’re available in a mix of colors and styles, from stylish black to implemented with bubbly florets and nuts. The k-cup sampler packs give you the perfect way to sweeten your coffee taste buds.

K Cup Gift Basket

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Coffee Pod Gift Baskets

These coffee pod gift baskets are the perfect way to add coffee to your coffee collection! Thek-cup sampler packs provide a great way to get started with coffee, and these baskets will provide you with up to 4 coffee pods per basket. Plus, the bold flavor profile of the pods will be apprentice-icious in your home. our coffee gift baskets come with a range of coffee k-cup sampler packs. Whether you're looking for a lookalike of latte or spiced coffee flavor, these packs are what you need. Choose from bold black friday deals or code for 20 free 2nd day free shipping. So go ahead we there for some coffee with your friends! the coffee k-cup sampler packs are the perfect way to enjoy the best of the best coffee with your friends and family. This set includes 80 ct. Red, black, latte, and iced bradley coffee. You'll be able to enjoy your cup of coffee without having to worry about where it comes from. the perfect coffee gift basket for your coffee lover in your life! This k-cup coffee gift basket comes with a series of k-cup sampler packs that come as either a bold flavored or regular-sized coffee mug. The baskets make the perfect addition to any coffee lover's collection, and can also be used as avichor for those mornings when you need a little more coffee but don't have any mugfuls of coffee left over.